Naming ‘I Matter Foundation’

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Our ambassador, Erin, shares her train of thought leading up to the decision about our name…

How does a name encompass all we are and what the classes provide?

Most of our participants enter class feeling weak, vulnerable, worthless and insignificant. Yes, that’s it. Insignificant. That’s the word. These classes and the community it provides give back personal value.  In these classes people are seen, heard and grow strong. My friend’s words ring in my ears “We love you Ezzie, but most of all you matter to us”.

She goes on to describe how the word “love” is so easily thrown around these days. It has lost weight and meaning, but telling someone they matter has more power. The power of these classes is in removing the vulnerability and insignificance, replacing them with an inner voice and belief. There is nothing more powerful than the feeling and inner voice believing “I Matter”

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