We support your right to lodge a complaint if you believe a decision, behaviour or action affecting you is unfair. We aim to resolve complaints objectively, discreetly and promptly and, where possible, directly with the people involved.



1. Endeavour to resolve the complaint directly with the people involved. This can be informal and verbal. Every possible effort should be made to settle a complaint before the formal process starts.

2. To start the formal process, you must fully describe your concerns in writing, with dates and locations where possible and with details of the steps taken so far to attempt to resolve the concerns.

3. The person(s) against whom the complaint is made should be given the full details of the allegation(s). They should have the opportunity and a reasonable time to respond before the process continues.

4. If the complaint cannot be resolved, refer the matter to the board for consideration and a final decision.

A complaint that is misrepresented, vexatious or lacking substance may result in disciplinary action against the person lodging the complaint.