A little over a year ago we ran one course for one group. I hoped that we could share some of the benefits of martial arts and self-protection training with a small group of women overcoming violent and traumatic experiences. The response was overwhelmingly positive. The women wanted to continue, and they wanted to invite others too. So I thought, why not? And the vision for I Matter Foundation was formed.
Belinda Cowie
Our classes are relaxed, gentle and inclusive. The teaching is adapted to suit each individual student’s needs, abilities and comfort level. Participants are able to work at their own pace and gain social support from people with similar experiences.

“The instructor emanates such a positive energy. you feel safe with him.”

From a current student

I Matter Foundation is equipped with strong leadership, project development, not for profit and industry skills as well as strategic connections within the community. We are uniquely placed to initiate a new program model. Our focus for the next three years will be on building a robust structural foundation and cultivating community partnerships in order to develop, deliver and evaluate pilot programs that restore health and wellbeing and empower vulnerable members of our community.

Partner with us

Are you passionate about what we do? Do you have skills or resources to share? We would love to talk to you. 

Do you work with people  facing some big life challenges? Would you love to see them gain courage, confidence and a sense of community? Let’s chat about how we can tailor a specific program for your organisation.