I am


We offer accessible, high quality and responsive self-protection and assertiveness training. We work with survivors of family violence, people of all abilities and those facing mental health issues. We are also developing strategic partnerships to reach refugees, homeless young people, children in foster care and other groups.

I Matter Foundation Ltd is equipped with strong leadership, project development, not-for-profit and industry skills as well as strategic connections within the community. We are uniquely placed to initiate a new program model.

Our participants report that they feel more socially connected and more resilient. They are facing their fears and pursuing their goals with renewed boldness and tenacity. They know that their story matters.

At I Matter Foundation, every person’s story matters. Our classes are all about:


Survivors of family violence

Learn awareness as well as verbal and physical strategies to protect yourself. Find a community that understands. Feel strong, safe and in control.

All abilities

Get active, get social, have fun. Share a laugh with friends. Find lots of things you can do to look after yourself.

Neurodiversity & Brain Health

‘Learn safe boundaries and healthy strategies. Practise focus, mindfulness, and self-control. Be proud of who you are and what you can do.’